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The New NATURAL+TM LED lamp is a revolutionary dual wavelength LED (Light Emitting Diode) system and is the only one on the market that has several scientifically developed programs designed to accelerate and optimize the results of the NATURAL+TM Gel as well as any other dental whitening material.

The New NATURAL+TM LED lamp is the fourth generation of teeth whitening lamp from Meodental and combines excelent performance along with ease of use and an argonomic design.
The arch carying the lamp is encorporated with a high quality audio headset enabling the patient to listen to music from an external source (e.g. his smartphone) during the treatment.

The NATURAL+TM Lamp system aids in secondary risks related to teeth whitening procedures such as sensitivity.

The NATURAL+TM Lamp utilizes the effects of two wavelengths that are combined from the blue and red LEDs.
The first wavelength is calibrated at 470 nanometers and activates the NATURAL+TM Gel active agents. An improvement of up to 8 color shades is achievable within a 30-45 minute session.
The intensity of this blue light is high enough to cure the gingival barrier (using a specifically designed program).
The second wavelength of 660 nanometers is effective in preventing gum conditions thus reducing related sensitivities.
In addition, light at this wavelength is known to assist in the absorption of minerals, such as Calcium and Fluoride, into the enamel.

Key Features of the New NATURAL+TM Lamp

  • Optimizes all teeth whitening procedures
  • Scientifically optimized program settings
  • Designed for simultaneous illumination of both teeth arches
  • Dual WavelengthLong life LEDs ~ 50,000 hours
    • Red = 660nm
    • Blue = 470nm
  • Ergonomic design:Safe: No UV, IR or heat emissions
    • Comfortable
    • Silent
    • Audio headset included
  • User friendly digital control (both local and wireless remote): Controler easily mounts on any dental unit
    • Predefined programs
    • Input default or modified treatment duration
    • Countdown Time
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